Vintners Retreat care about our people and our place, and strive to always leave a positive impact on both. We are committed to being a leader in responsible and sustainable tourism.

We are trying to reduce our environmental footprint upon New Zealand and the Earth by not laundering everyday and thus reducing the amount of water, electricity and chemicals used.  

We continually review and adapt in internal and external practices ensuring that we are taking advantage of all appropriate initiatives to influence our impact on the world and communities around us.

With the cooperation of our guests, staff, business partners and the wider community, we strive for a better tomorrow.

Some examples of our Environmental & Sustainable practices and policies are:

  • Vintners Retreat aims to achieve a minimum Silver Sustainable Tourism Business award rating at all times.
  • Option for guests to reuse towels, to save water and reduce chemical detergents
  • Energy saving light bulbs installed wherever possible
  • Recycling programs in place including green waste/ composting
  • Minimise waste and evaluate operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible
  • Reduce paper by electronic transmission of all documentation where possible, double siding of printing, use of recycled paper etc
  • Partner with environmentally aware suppliers where possible. Require suppliers to provide a copy of their environmental practices
  • Dual-flush toilets where possible
  • Recycle bins placed in each villa
  • Subscribed to Soap Aid, for recycling guest soap bars
  • Subscribed to The Hotel Weka programme, recycling the plastic containers from guest amenities

As a company we are determined to ensure New Zealand’s clean green image remains intact for future generations.